An introduction to the PT Woodworker blog!

Hello! My name is Isaiah Trevino and if you read my front page, you already know a little bit about me. Today I’m writing a more detailed introduction about myself and the reason I started my blog.

I have been working for UPS for almost 5 years (05/20/2015) and currently am a Full-Time Supervisor focusing on Safety & Training. In my early days at UPS, I was forced to work a second job most of the year to help me pay for school. During this time I started to work for my dad and his lifelong friend as a finish carpenter. It was at this job that I found my passion for woodworking. I began looking for additional work wherever I could find it. In the summer of 2018 I began my first solo contract to finish a home. That couple then hired me to build a built-in-wall spice rack in their pantry. That is where I found my love of building furniture and truly working with wood.

After that commision, the couple mentioned my services to another couple who commissioned me to build them a set of custom cabinets, and led me to license myself as an LLC in the summer of 2019. Shortly after, I was promoted to my full time job at UPS and no longer had to work two jobs and was able to focus my attention on my hobbies. Of course the first hobby I turned to was woodworking and I used the revenue from my business to build a workshop in my garage. It’s no professional woodshop but it fits my needs and has enough space for almost any project.

Unfortunately, my garage is not currently powered so power is run off a 50 foot extension cord from my kitchen window. Once I receive my next extension cord from Amazom, I will be running an additional line from my front porch in order to reduce the strain on the kitchen breaker.

While I am still very new to “true” woodworking, I have a passion for learning more. I have watched countless hours of YouTube videos and have put many things I watched to the test. The only downfall of learning from YouTube is that nobody seemed to create a truly comprehensive guide to getting started as a professional woodworker. I was always hopping from one creator to the next, hoping that one would offer everything I was looking for. However, every time I thought I may have found a truly comprehensive channel, I always turned out to be disappointed with being unable to find some information. For that reason I created this blog; to both chronicle my trials and tribulations as a growing woodworker, as well as offer help to people just like me. Join me as I continue my journey as an amateur woodworker aspiring to be something more.

My mission is to help others like me grow themselves as woodworkers. If you want more information on something woodworking related or want me to cover a certain topic, feel free to contact me with questions. If you’re a more experienced woodworker and have any suggestions or tips for me, please don’t hesitate to point out my flaws, we can all grow together! I look forward to experiencing this journey with you folks, welcome to the blog!


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